Every day, thousands of brightly coloured plastic particles sparkle on the world's beaches, drawing the murderous patchwork of an exhausted earth. Yes, the time has come to dry the "mermaids' tears". These pellets, less than five millimetres in diameter, shaped like little marbles with a cajoling name, wash up every day on the sand where they don't belong. This is the message from SOGEMAP, a French producer of injected furniture and a specialist in the use of recycled materials.


Faced with these rainbows of forgotten plastics, there is only one opposition : black. Because most centres are not equipped to sort plastics by colour, a dose of black dye must be added to transform the solid colour of the finished product. Choosing no colour then becomes the voice of common sense - in the recycled plastic raw material market, 95% is black for this reason.

By reissuing its Ioda chair in a single elegant and universal shade, SOGEMAP proves that black recycled polypropylene is a responsible alternative to unbridled consumption. With its most emblematic model, SOGEMAP is developing the consumption of regenerated plastic and encouraging eco-responsible action.


And because the life of an object is not limited to its obsolescence, SOGEMAP also offers to recover Ioda chairs at the end of their life. It will be crushed again and transformed into 100% regenerated polypropylene for a new life.


According to Greenpeace, 1 million birds and 100,000 marine mammals die every year because of plastic indigestion or the chemicals it releases. With this approach, SOGEMAP wishes to offer a second life full of meaning to this plastic which ravages our oceans, giving the start of a new way of consuming right and not just consuming.



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