Perseverance, commitment, results

Founded in 1961, SOGEMAP is a French SME based in Charente-Maritime, specialising in the design and manufacture of plastic products.


Over the years, SOGEMAP has been able to adapt to its markets with brilliance and insight, providing the "right" solution every time.

For nearly 15 years, SOGEMAP has chosen to adopt an eco-responsible approach, and takes particular care in the selection of its raw materials, both from a technical and environmental perspective.


We believe that the "right" solution must include the "right" consumption.


An idea, a challenge


It was therefore quite natural for SOGEMAP to open its doors wide to raw materials derived 100% from plastic waste.

It wasn't easy, but we managed to do it through perseverance and above all thanks to the involvement of all our teams, centred around this common project that makes sense for us, for you, for the planet.


And... we are quite proud of the result!

SOGEMAP makes chairs... But not only that!

Find all the products on the SOGEMAP website.